This Broadcast Belongs To "THEM" Ep. 10 Melissa Part 2 + Michael Denner Interview

 On Part 2 of Mercyful Fates Melissa album we go into side 2 of the album. Then we have Michael Denner discussing the recordings of the album. 


Kim Ruzz interview- This Broadcast Belongs To “THEM” Episode 9

 In this realy rare interview, Kim Ruzz talks a lot about his time with Mercyful Fate, where he got the name Kim Ruzz, his childhood, what happened after the Mercyful Fate break up, the new bands he is listening to and much more. 

This Broadcast Belongs To Them Episode 8- Melissa Part 1 interview with Martin Popoff

On this episode we talk about side 1 of Mercyful Fate's "Melissa" album. Then Wayne and Greg are joined by music journalist, critic and author Martin Popoff. Martin is the senior editor and co-founder of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, he has written numerous books about heavy metal and ones of his latest ones is about Mercyful Fate called, Black Funeral: Into The Coven of Mercyful Fate. We discuss Martins boo

This Broadcast Belongs To THEM Episode 7- Special Bonus Interview with Pontus Egberg

 In between getting ready for our next episode about Melissa, we were able to get a hold of Pontus Egberg for a bit to talk about how he joined the band, what's going on with the new album, whether he was a fan of King Diamond before joining the band, other bands he's involved such as Wolf who are releasing a new album and more.  

This Broadcast Belongs To "Them" Episode 6- Mercyful Fate EP

 This week Ralph Viera (Dr. Fukk) comes back to talk about the Mercyful Fate EP. After that we have Michael Denner to talk the early days of Mercyful Fate.  

This Broadcast Belongs To "THEM" Ep. 5- The Danger zone Demos also a talk with Ralph Viera

 This weeks episode we finish up the early era of King Diamond with the Dangerzone demos and a Mercyful Fate song that turned into a few other songs (Satan's Fall and Nightmare). Special Guest Ralph Viera joins us to talk what got him into King Diamonds music, his favorite and least favorites, his collection, his Mercyful Fate tribute album and more.  

This Broadcast Belongs To THEM Episode 4- Brats also Interview with Michael Denner

 This week we discuss Brats. Brats started out as a punk band. King would join after they released their first album playing guitar but he quickly switch to vocals and took the band in another direction. Michael Denner left during the period king was with the band but Michael still has some stories to tell of the early days of Brats and Danger Zone, which you will hear in this part of his interview.  

This Broadcast Belongs To "THEM" Episode 3- Final Interview with Ib Enamark


On this episode Wayne and Greg wrap up Black Rose with the songs Doctor Cranium, I Need Blood, Disgrace, and a cover from Golden Earing, Radar Love. This is also the final interview with Ib Enemark where he talks what he is up to now with his new band Purple Eclipze. Stay tuned to the end for a new song by Purple Eclipze.  

This Broadcast Belongs To "THEM" Episode 2- Black Rose with Ib Enemark

 On Part 2 Wayne and Greg Discuss the songs Kill For Fun, The End, Road Life and Soul Overture off of the Black Rose 20th Anniversary A Night Of Rehersals. It's also part 2 with Ib Enemark, Keyboardist in the Black Rose.  

This Broadcast Belongs To "THEM" Episode 1- Black Rose w/Ib Enemark

Wayne and Greg discuss the first four songs off the BLACK ROSE album and then we have an interview with  keyboardist IB ENEMARK from BLACK ROSE and now of the band PURPLE ECLIPZE.