This week Timo invites one of his old bandmates to the show, Jorg Michael. 

 This week Timo talks about the last stratovarius with him as guitarist, The black album. We also watch the video for Maniac Dance, Answer fan questions and also see if Timo likes the band Ghost. 

 This week we tried doing a live broadcast. We talked a little about Elements parts 1 and 2 and  took some live fan questions. Unfortunately Timo's wifi signal was terrible so we lose him at the end.  

 Timo is back! This week we discuss the stratovarius album Infinite. Wayne invites a EA from the Beyond Bushido podcast, on the Rat Salad Review Network. Being a long time fan of Timo's, EA begged Wayne for the chance to come on one of the episodes, so Wayne gave in. A lot of laughs were had from talks about the Hunting High and Low video, getting Timo to get to Prog Power to play with Stratovarius, the latest changes in his band Infinte Visions, and we answer fan questions. All this and more! 

 This week on the Timo Tolkki Podcast we discuss the Destiny album and take some questions. Unfortunately, Timo's Wifi isn't that good so there is a lot of interruptions and the show is cut short, but I think there's enough here to please the fans until the next episode.  

 This week Timo discusses the Stratovarius album "Visions" and takes fan questions. 

 This week we do our longest show yet. Timo talks about some changes going on in his life and not being too sure of what to do. Then we get into the Stratovarius album Episode,  Jorge Michael and Jens Johansson joining the band, The equipment used, fan questions and more.  

 This week Timo talks about the Stratovarius album Fourth Dimension and answers some questions.  

 This week Timo addresses some of the new subscribers, his recent divorce and his last Stratovarius album as vocalist.  

 Timo is back from Mexico and back home in Finland if even for a little while. This week we get back to the albums and get into the second Stratovarius album Twilight Time.  

 This week Timo talks from Mexico. We talk the situation with Claudia Pearl, his new music school, we take some questions and more.  

 This week Timo Answers Fan Questions. 

 This weeks episode we get into the first Stratovarius album "Fright Night". Then Timo talks about some upcoming shows he is going to and been too. Stay tuned for the end of the show, Timo and Claudia Pearl Premier a song from their new album.  

 This week Timo talks about helping fans with some of the tricks he used when recording with Stratovarius, also what got him into guitar, some of the bands he was in before joining Stratovarius, and his family all while Claudia Pearl sings in the background for one of Timo's next albums.  

 This is the premier episode of the Timo Tolkki podcast. Timo talks what he is working on now, his new book, his talks with his old band mates from Stratovarius and more.   Side Note: Wayne meant Jeffrey Epstein not Jerry Epstein (haha)