Episide 36: Original Mercyful Fate Drummer Kim Ruzz Interview

 On this very special episode we get a very rare episode with Original Mercyful Fate drummer Kim Ruzz!!! Find out things that most hard core Fate fans never knew. 

Episode 35: Bob Nalbambian Interview. Inside Metal: Bay Are Godfathers

 I talk with Bob Nalbambian about Bay Area Godfathers. The latest of his series, Inside Metal. He also talks about the California metal scene. Fom obscure bands to Metallica. Awesome episode! 

Episode 34: The Shining w Nate "Bushy" Atchison from The Plug Podcast

 It's a cross over Episode with The Plug Podcast with Nate "Bushy" Atchison discussing The Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece "The Shining" 

Episode 33 Black Sabbath - Born Again

 On this episode I discuss the greatness of Born Again by Black Sabbath. And a salute to Heavy On Metal that turns 50 years old today as I air this. Plus a KILLER cover song when I go inside the Vault. 

Viera Vault  Episode 32- No More Mr. Nice Guy

 Talk about backward masking. And my first Radio interview back in 2011 

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