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Rat Salad Review

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Interviews,  Album, Wrestling, Conspiracy, Beer Reviews, Politics, Music News and More  


Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Interviews,  Album, Wrestling, Conspiracy, Beer Reviews, Politics, Music News and More  

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Upcoming Interviews

Ageless Warrior- From Minnesotta


Jorn Lande- Vocalist


Solo Artist

Zak Stevens- Vocalist


From his new band Archon Angel. 

Anette Olzen- Vocalist


From her new album Allen/Olzen

Mats Nilsson- Vocalist


From The Band Brothers Of Metal

Matt Bacon


Head Of Dropout Media

Mike Durband- Musician/Podcaster


Joins us for album vs album

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About Us

Who We Are


 Join current hosts Wayne Noon, Greg Naugle and Nate Landherr and on older episodes Uncle Saxon, Pete Peters and Troy Norr as they discuss the latest metal and hard rock albums as well as some trips down memory lane of older classics and some not so classics. RSR also discusses the latest rock and metal news, Interviews and also whatever else is on their minds as well as music by bands they feel that people that are into metal and rock need to hear. 

Also enjoy the newly added shows to our network like Music Is Life, Old Man Metal's Musings or Viera Vault for more music related topics. If you like politics check out The Right Opinion. Fan of South Park? Check out Suck My Balls. Wrestling Fan? Watch Beyond Bushido or if you like Conspiracies, give The Infinite Fringe a listen. 

What Inspires Us


The Fact that there are so many bands out in the world that people have never heard of. We hope to get those bands some notice and even the well known bands. We want everyone that enjoys rock or metal to know that there's more great bands out there than you think

Our Influences


 If you are into bands like Judas Priest, Voivod, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Behemoth, Toxic Holocaust, Helloween, Grave Digger, Megadeth, Annihilator etc. Give Rat Salad Review a listen. We are on youtube every week. We also have podcasts on Itunes, Stitcher and Spotify. 

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