Rat Salad Review


Twisted Tower Dire


Episode 39 Guitarist David Boyd from the band Twisted Tower Dire talked about their latest album "Wars In The Unknown"

Michael Denner


Episode 40 Legendary guitarist Michael Denner from bands such as Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Denner/Shermann (and more) came on to discuss his latest band Denner's Inferno



Episode 036 we discussed the first Possessed album released in over 30 years. 

Lou Mavs From Music Is Life Podcast


Episode 033 Wayne invited his friend Lou Mavs, from the Music is Life podcast, to come on the show last minute. We tried to talk some news etc. but skype gave us all sorts of trouble. 

Felipe Machado Franco


Episode 034 Artist and Vocalist Felipe Machado Franco stopped by to discuss his artwork hes done for bands such as Blind Guardian and Iron Savior as well as bands hes had like, Vorpal Nomad and more.

Urban Breed

serious black

Vocalist Urban Breed was on Episode 031. We talked his previous bands leading up to his  latest band Serious Black.

Timo Tolkki

timo tolkki avalon

Episode 030 Timo Tolkki talks his latest Avalon album "Return To Eden", his previous band Stratovarius, his love for the Beatles and John Lennon and much more. 

Indestructible Noise Command

INC Terrible Things

Episode 029 Guitarist Anthony Fabrizi visted RSR to talk about his bands latest album. "Terrible Things".

Steel Prophet

steel prophet the god machine

Guitarist Steve Kachinsky was on episode 028 to talk about the newest album "The God Machine".

Maniacal Force

Maniacal Force EP

 Episode 027 we discussed the debut of Minnesota death metal band Maniacal Force 


Queensryche The Vedict

Episode 025 We discussed the latest Queensryche album "The Verdict"

The Nightmare Stage

The Nightmare Stage

Episode 026 we had Keyboardist Marc Muchnik on to discuss his bands latest album "When The Curtain Closes"

King Diamond


Pretty similar to our Mercyful Fate story. Be sure to keep an eye out for a new show we are doing soon, sort of like a King Diamond retrospective.  

Mercyful Fate

mercyful fate

Mercyful Fate comes up a lot since they are a favorites of Wayne and Greg. 


Paragon Controlled Demolition

Episode 024 Special guest Jan Bünning from the band Paragon dropped in to talk about his bands latest album "Controlled Demolition". Jan also gives us a little tour of his music room.

Iron Savior

Iron Savior kill or get killed

Special guest Piet Sielck from Iron Savior  joined the show to discuss the latest alum, the beginnings of the band, some of the equipment used during the recording etc. You can check the interview out on episode 23.5.


Bewitcher Under The Witches Call

Episode 022 Bewitcher makes its way back on the show. This time with their latest album "Under The Witching Cross"


Seputura Schizophrenia

Episode 022 we discussed the classic Sepultura album Schizophrenia.

Halcyon Way

Halcyon Way Bloody But Unbowed

Episode 021 We discussed the latest Halcyon Way album "Bloody But Unbowed"

The Great Harry Barnett

the great harry barnett

Our guest on episode 019 was The Great Harry Barnett. Check out his shows "I Don't Even Like Podcasts" and "The Big Book Of Unevolved Monsters" on YouTube channel

Sacral Rage

Sacral Rage "Beyond Celestial Echos"

Sacral Rage "Beyond Celestrial Echos" was featured on episode 018. Go to their bandcamp site to purchase their albums and other merch. 

Judas Priest


Judas Priest will be discussed a lot from time to time on RSR. Episode 016 we did "Screaming for Vengeance" vs. "Painkiller" . 


deceased ghostyl white

King Fowley came on for a chat on episode 013 to talk about the latest Deceased album "Deadly White".  One of our favorite episodes. 

Lethal Vendetta

Lethal Vendetta No Prisoners No Mercy album cover

Episode 014 Vocalist Brent Logan from the band Lethal Vendetta came on the show to discuss their debut album "No Prisoners No Mercy" as well as the metal scene in Australia.


Evergrey The Atlantic album cover

Episode 012 We discussed the latest Evergrey album "The Atlantic".

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Another favorite on RSR as there will always be talk about the legendary Iron Maiden. Episode 011 we discuss "Piece of Mind" and various other albums in their catalog.


Septagon Apocalyptic Rhymes

Episode 009 we discussed the latest album "Apocalyptic Rhymes" from German Thrash Metallers Septagon.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam End Of Chaos album cover

The latest Flotsam and Jetsam album "The End Of Chaos" Was discussed on Episode 10. Could it possibly be one of the bands best records since "No Place For Disgrace"?


Behemoth I Loved You At Your Darkest album cover.

This was a first for pretty much all of us at RSR, listening to the latest album from Behemoth "I Loved You At Your Darkest" Hear our thoughts on Episode 008.


Bewitcher album cover

Episode 007 Greg finally got to share a band with us that he talked about since the beginning of the show, Bewitcher. If Diamond Head and Venom had a baby you'd get Bewitcher.


Helloween band

Wayne's favorite band, so you never know when they will be brought up. The first ever episode of RSR was about Helloween. Wayne and Greg discussed Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 and 2. They were also brought up again on episode 005 when Wayne, Troy, and Greg talked about their Chameleon album. 


Them Manor Of The Seven Gables Alvum Cover

Our first guest on RSR, Episode 004 Troy Norr, came on the show to talk about the latest THEM album "Manor Of The Seven Gables". All these episodes later and Troy is still with us or at least until KK calls. 

Ghost Ship Octavius

GSO album cover

Ghost Ship Octavius latest album "Delirium" was discussed on a previous episode but since that show did no go well it was erased from existence for no one to hear ever again, which is why you will see a skipped episode on youtube and for the podcasts. We gave it another shot on episode 005 and it went much better. 


Voivod The Wake album cover

RSR started out with different hosts. For our second show Greg picked Voivod. Check out episode 002 to see the our very mixed thoughts about the album "The Wake"

The Three Tremors

The Three Tremors album cover

Episode 006 saw us with another guest. Sean Peck from the bands Cage, Denner/Shermann, Death Dealer and now The Three Tremors. 


Megadeth band

Another band that will always be brought up on various episodes. 


metallica band

Metallica doesn't need an introduction. Greg might think their last good album was "Ride The lightening", but they are one of those bands that will always be brought up from time to time. Episode 007 we put "Master Of Puppets" against Megadeths "Rust In Piece"

Brant Bjork


We haven't done a band with Brant Bjork's style since our 3rd episode. This was one of the older hosts picks.